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Raniya and Her Aunt's
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Raniya and Her Aunt

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Saturday, 2-Aug-2008 17:02
The Long Awaited Picture- Mersinggg Tripp
Huhuhu....Setelah berbulan-bulan menyepi, akhirnya sudah kembali!

And as promised, Mersing Tripp was supposed to be the next picture. Although that was back in April 2008, still its worth posting it.

And yess, Raniya memang dah lagi beso dari apa yg ada dalam gambar-gambar nih. She was only 6-7 months back then. Now, she already 10 month going to 11 months. Tak lama lagi, boleh la sambut birthday dierr... :-D . Sekarang dia dah sikit2 dapat kaki dah. Dia pun takla chubby sangat cam dulu-dulu. Maklumlah, banyak exercise.

The more she 'exercises', the more her parents had to exercise also. :P
But, all that in other pictures. For now, its Mersing time!!!! 8-)

I just love the beaches. Its very soothing, very relaxed, very laid-back. No datelines, no hassle, no parking tickets. Just the waves, the sun and the wind.
Raniya however, just woke up...therefore, manyak masam laa muka dier :-S
(refer to the pictures yekk)

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